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Happy Easter!  Started my day out by going to a Catholic church for Easter services.  There wasn't an Episcopal church anywhere near.  Tell you how far into the boonies I am?  Anyway, the priest sang so far out of tune and was amplified so much that the congregation couldn't even sing the hymn!  His sermon message was quite generic, but I am still glad I took the time out to attend.  On my way to Holbrook, AZ I decided to take a small detour to El Morro National Monument which was still in New Mexico. El Morro was a huge attraction to early settlers and explorers of this area due to the fact that there was fresh water there.  People from all walks of life traveled to this rocky area and left their marks (ancient graffiti?) on the walls of the outcropping as can be seen in the photos I have attached.  Many visitors were hispanic so several of the engravings are in spanish.  Also the indian tribes that settled this area left their marks in petroglyphs.  There is a trail that leads to the top of this rocky formation and I must say the views from up top were breath taking.  Also met a fellow Navy retiree while hiking around and he has decided to take 4 years out travelling in his RV.  He is one of the good guys because he had a Canon 5D strung over his shoulder. Here are several photos from that exploration.

After exploring this national monument I decided it was time to get the rig moving towards my final destination for the day, Holbrook, AZ.  This KOA campground is about 20 miles outside of Petrified Forest NP and that was the reason for picking this location.  This is the first of seven national parks planned for this trip.  I arrived here around 2:30 PM their time which was really 3:30 PM Mountain time.  Remember, Arizona for the most part does not observe daylight savings.  These flipflops in time are really screwing with my system.  Once I got the trailer set up for the night I struck out for the park.  Arrived at 4:25 PM to be told that I had 35 minutes before the gates were closed!  Seems the park is only open from 8AM to 5PM due to staff shortages.  So much for sunrise and sunset photos here.  Anyway, I did go into the park and made the best of what time I did have.  Got to about 5 overlooks and I have included some photos from that.  I entered from the north entrance which is the painted desert end of the park.  Tomorrow morning I will be at the south entrance at 8 AM sharp and stay the whole 9 hours the park is open before going back to the campground.  Here are a few images from this afternoon.

I would like to thank those of you that are following me on my dream journey and especially those taking the time to drop me a line. Keep them coming!


So I see you ditched the Explorer in favor of PU. I spent a good portion of my mission (back in the late 60's) in New Mexico. Lots of fossils if you know where to look. Your photos bring back some fond memories. I agree with Rick, love the ancient "graffiti".
For whatever reason there were no pics on this blog day. Rick commented but don't know what pics he was commenting on since I couldn't see any. All the ones for 4/2 came through. Seriously you are going to blog about eating stuff.....
Really like the ancient graffiti! Quite impressive seeing the "everyday" history left behind. Your images are looking good my friend! Now I will note that one of them look like a would imagine a heard of Tribbles would look like going across the valley!

BTW - Steve Jahn wanted me to relay a hearty hello and hope you will be posting images. You might want to drop him an email with appropriate links.

Take care my friend and remember - "It is only trespassing if you get caught!" ;o)
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