04/13 (Friday the 13th!) Bryce Canyon Day 2 Hiking the trails

April 13, 2018  •  8 Comments

So, had plans to get up early and head into the park for some night sky photography.  However this time I decided to look at the sky before I drove into the park this time.  Well, what to my surprise, I could see the Milky Way from the door of my trailer!  So I grabbed the tripod and camera and took some shots.  This is more like the Milky Way shots I am used to and not that feeble looking thing I saw in Zion NP.  Tomorrow I will try in the park to get both Milky Way as well as star trails.  Will be another early morning, but that is what I had plans for originally anyway.  It was so very cold and windy in Bryce Canyon today.  I attempted to take some sunrise shots but it was so overcast over the canyon that they were not so good.  Here is what it looked like from Inspiration Point at sunrise this morning.

It was so snowy and windy that is was very unpleasant to be outside.  However, I did not let this stop me.  I headed down into the canyon on the Queen's Garden trail and continued from that trail to the Navajo trail.  The sights were so breathtaking I know my photography did not do it justice.  I even headed down the main road through the canyon to the end and headed back towards the entrance stopping at every turnout along the way.  The very end of this road comes to an overlook called Rainbow Point.  The winds were so strong at that point I felt is was going to blow the camera right out of my hands!  I have been through hurricanes that had less force.  I am hoping the winds will die down some overnight, but as I sit writing this the trailer is rocking from the force of these winds.  Anyway, enjoy the photos from today.

The below formation is called Thor's Hammer.

The below formation is called Natural Bridge even though it is really an arch.


When I first opened today's blog, I was stopped dead in my scroll to admire the very first photo - beautiful!! I just sat and admired it, knowing it was probably your best shot of the day. But, I was wrong - wow! WOW! Brother, you did great (for an old geezer). Your skys are dynamic, and the air is so clear and crisp. Thank you!
Love the sky shots! Sometimes we are so focused on the beauty right in front of us, that we forget there is so much more beauty above us too! You have become such an incredible photographer! Stay safe my friend!
Lisa C(non-registered)
Wow some beautiful scenery, a bit jealous just not of the cold!
Dave, I have just been through all the photos and comments. The shear beauty of your photos is beyond words. In some ways they are almost overwhelming. But they are outstanding to say the least. The animal shots helped with the size perspective and made me smile. The snow almost looks like someone shook confectioners sugar all about! Keep the pictures and descriptors coming. Looking forward to the next posts.
Beautiful shot of the Milky Way. The photos of the park are really stunning! The amazing thing is that the land you are photographing is larger than many countries, yet so calm and peaceful even with the wind and snow. Great job.
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